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Bottle of sodium chlorite and citric acid 50% activator
Bottle of citric acid 50% and sodium chlorite 22.4%
Master Mineral Solution
MMS is sodium chlorite 22.4%. MMS1 or Activated MMS is chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide is made with sodium chlorite 22.4% mixed with an activator. Activators most commonly used are 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid) or 50% citric acid.
Calcium hypochlorite powder
Calcium hypochlorite
Master Mineral Solution 2
MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite, turning into hypochlorous acid in water.

MMS - Master Mineral Solution - Miracle Mineral Solution - Truthful Wiki

Discovered by Archbishop Jim Humble in 1996 as an effective treatment for Malaria, and as understood in later times, a lot more. MMS stands for Master Mineral Solution. MMS was previously known as Miracle Mineral Solution and Miracle Mineral Supplement. More than 20,000,000 have used MMS and hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.

Responses to criticism in the media

Response to ABC 20/20's "investigation" (11-01-2016)
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Read about what happened: --- The domain has since been returned to our control, yet we have decided to change our main website domains from .org to the .is (Iceland) top level domain as a precaution, should similiar censorship be attempted in the future.

What is MMS

  • MMS is sodium chlorite 22.4% solution
  • MMS1 or activated MMS is chlorine dioxide
  • MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite that turns into hypochlorous acid in water
  • CDS is chlorine dioxide gas put into water
  • CDH is pre-activated sodium chlorite in water

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Red Cross Malaria Cure Cover-up Scandal

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Facts of Safety

  • Since its discovery in 1996, with an estimated ten million people since then having tried it, used it and are using it around the world as this is written, nobody has so far been confirmed to have died as a result of taking MMS.
  • Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has an oxidation potential of .95 volts, which is the weakest of all the oxidizers that are ever used in the human body. For your reference, Oxygen (8O) has an oxidation potential of 1.28 volts.
  • Chlorine dioxide is used to clean drinking water, meat and vegetables, all around the world.




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To produce a growing knowledge base of honest MMS information including its proper use along with precautions where applicable.