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August 10, 2013


Leaked Video Contains Glowing Statements by RC Officials

A simple and inexpensive malaria cure discovered in 1996 was finally tested in December 2012 by the Uganda Red Cross (URC) and the Water Reference Center (WRC), an affiliated organization of the Red Cross. 154 malaria positive patients were malaria negative within 24-48 hours—with no side effects. Participants were under a verbal non-disclosure agreement, including Jim Humble, the man who discovered the cure. After 5 months of being repeatedly told to keep quiet, Humble concluded the test results would never be made public and instructed his associates to release an amateur video ( of the test over the objections of the WRC.

One week later, the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) posted a statement ( on their website strongly dissociating themselves from a “miracle solution to defeat malaria” and that there was no “clinical trial.” Shortly after, the WRC posted virtually the same statement ( on their website.

In late June 2013, Leo Koehof, an associate of Humble and also the one who trained the Red Cross staff in Uganda on the treatment protocol, was informed that a professionally produced video of the test was hidden on YouTube. He was provided the link and had it downloaded immediately before it could be completely suppressed. The video ( was rereleased on July 1, 2013 along with statements by Humble and Koehof. The leaked video clearly describes how the test was performed and includes glowing statements of the results by the Red Cross staff, and how they had never seen anything work so well and so fast. The video was narrated by Klaas Proesmans, the founder and CEO of the WRC, who concluded the video with this statement: “We closed the operation to report back to the Secretary General here in Uganda Red Cross Society. And, to report back to the Water Resource Center about the results of this field test. Now, all in all… a 100% cured people… less than 5 days… all within 24 hours to 48 hours! That asks for further investigation.

The IFRC’s statement includes this sentence: “Malaria affects 219 million people every year, killing a child somewhere in the world every minute.” Clearly, the cover-up by the IFRC contributes to this very serious problem they themselves point out. If recent news reports of the development of an anti-malaria vaccine are correct, then some progress is being made. However, those already infected with malaria are not helped at all and continue to die. Additionally, the FDA has warned that Lariam, a common anti-malaria drug, has dangerous side-effects. Additional unpublished video footage has surfaced along with the existence of months of correspondence that supports the preparation of the test and the subsequent attempts to keep the results quiet.

Jim Humble’s claim of a malaria cure has been maligned by supposed experts online for years. The positive results of the Uganda test now puts into question the motives of those so called experts.

Further documentation available upon request by verifiable media professionals.

Available for interview:

  • Jim Humble: Discoverer of the malaria cure
  • Leo Koehof: Trained Red Cross staff/volunteers & appeared in leaked video

Red Cross cured 154 cases of Malaria

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