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Bottle of sodium chlorite and citric acid 50% activator
Bottle of citric acid 50% and sodium chlorite 22.4%
Master Mineral Solution
MMS is sodium chlorite 22.4%. MMS1 or Activated MMS is chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide is made with sodium chlorite 22.4% mixed with an activator. Activators most commonly used are 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid) or 50% citric acid.
Calcium hypochlorite powder
Calcium hypochlorite
Master Mineral Solution 2
MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite, turning into hypochlorous acid in water.

MMS Debunked aka MMS Fraud aka MMS Scam aka vespine, an old time skeptic and MMS-critic, is convinced that MMS is a scam based on the lack of support for MMS within medical science, such as the lack of clinical trials. Yet his sticking points, for the most part, can be summed up in personal attacks and conspiracy theories towards Archbishop Jim Humble and his church, the power of placebo, and the sharing of newspaper and internet blog articles for lack of any actual scientific data to back up any bad or negative statements concerning MMS.

One of his louder more amusing stated beliefs of wild conspiracy, is the claim that all MMS testimonies of actual significance on the WWW is found only at the Genesis II Church website, operated by Archbishop Jim Humble and thus everything there must be a pack of lies -- as if faking testimonies anywhere else on the internet would be impossible or less likely, should someone want to do those things.

Mr. Debunked is oblivious to the truism which is that the main and obvious reason for the lack of clinical trials on MMS is that two of the main and really only ingredients of this solution, Chlorine dioxide and water, can not be patented and thus cannot be sold with a monopoly by a pharmaceutical company that would otherwise invest the millions needed to fund a clinical trial, which is clearly the quandary of the situation.

As is understandable to a certain extent - MMS Debunked and like-minded peers are either not able to or simply refuse to consider the ever increasing problem in todays health industry -- which is that money and greed may be playing a much heavier and influential role in modern day medical science and its clinical conclusions then most of us are comfortable admitting to ourselves, and thus just because a solution is not supported or recognized by a particular science of a particular industry, does not necessarily make the pragmatic side of that solution any less valid or true -- be that written testimonials or recorded positive first hand experiences. A key example of what we’re talking about would be MMS, which is not recognized by medical science and which can not be patented. Yet many people have reported good results with it, and so that is for now what really matters.

What is MMS?


Red Cross cured 154 cases of Malaria with MMS

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