Vaccine Sacramental Protocol

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The Vaccine Sacramental Protocol

1. 1 week before a vaccine take the Protocol 1000.

Note: The Protocol 1000 should be taken with hourly activated drops, of MMS1, not other forms of MMS.

2. The day of the vaccine: Take 6 drops every two hours 5 times.

3. Immediately after the vaccine is injected, do the “patch protocol” to neutralize the vaccine at the injection site. (Do it in your car or as soon as you get home).

Note: The Patch Protocol will neutralize the toxins in the vaccine.

The Patch Protocol is as follows:

Note: for Children and sensitive skin see The Patch Protocol.

Mix 10 MMS drops activated with 10 drops of 4% HCl, (Hydrochloric acid), wait 30 seconds, then add 10 drops of purified water, (Distilled water is the best), then add 10 drops of 90-99% DMSO. Pour the whole solution on the middle of a Gauze pad and place over the injection site leaving it until it turns completely white usually 15-20 minutes. This signifies complete absorption into the area.

4. Continue the Protocol 1000 for 1-2 weeks to make sure all Toxins are eliminated from the body.

Again, we want to emphasize that in the U.S. and many other countries, anyone can exempt themselves from “mandatory vaccines” for religious reasons.

48 states in the U.S. allow an exemption to vaccination for religious beliefs, which provides a legal option that parents with sincerely held religious and spiritual beliefs about vaccine use can file for their children to attend school

In order to file and receive a religious exemption to vaccination, you do not have to be a member of a specific church that opposes vaccination and your belief in an organized religion (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islam, etc.) should not preclude you from exercising religious belief exemption to vaccination; however you must be prepared to explain and defend your religious beliefs regarding vaccination when questioned by state officials

You can claim a religious exemption to vaccination if you hold a sincere belief that use of one or more vaccines violates your spiritual beliefs or ability to obey your conscience after seeking guidance through prayer or study of scripture.