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In reading the writings of the various critics of MMS and myself (Jim Humble) I find that they often call me names rather than just report what they think are facts. In the case in point, Sarah Vaughter likes to resort to that when she can, such as calling me fraudster, ruthless thug, sleaze bag, and liar. As you have heard probably dozens, if not hundreds of times during your life time, is “what someone calls you is most likely what they themselves are because what they are is the most real thing to them.” From her article on her site I want here to just update her update of me. I’ll put this writing where she asks for comments but I know that she will erase it immediately; however I will also put it on my site called ‘MMSWorldCourt.’ (Update: We decided to set up an MMS Wiki instead.)

First, Sarah Vaughter keeps saying that MMS caused the death of many, but that simply doesn’t fly. If MMS caused the death of a single person anywhere in the world, nothing could make the FDA of the US, FDA of Canada, of England, Australia, New Zealand, of a dozen countries of Europe and a dozen others more than happy to issue warnings and arrest orders against me. Nowadays all deaths are reported, even in Africa and the reason for each death is always given and the reports sent to the appropriate governmental agency. There is no way of getting around reporting deaths, and in the case of MMS there are so many who really want to stop the idea that cancer can be cured for less than $50, there simply would be hundreds flittering around such a death. There has been no report anywhere in the world attributing a death to MMS. The one report near an Island near Australia was long ago disproven by the autopsy report and even the FDA who reported that incident had to quit using that incident as evidence that MMS is bad. There are 950,000 deaths resulting from Doctor’s prescriptions of medical drugs each year. Zero deaths reported for MMS.


Sarah Vaughter: 1. Humble claims that electron shells fully envelop covalently bonded molecules (or polyatomic ions). That is a gross misrepresentation of basic chemistry that nicely helps draw the wool over our eyes.

My response: No, i don’t claim that at all. And if you click and follow her link here in the sentence above you will find that it tells you nothing about what i am talking about. Chlorine dioxide (that’s mms) is known throughout industry as an oxidizer. Chlorine dioxide has been used in industry as an oxidizer to kill pathogens for over a hundred years. Oxidizers, all of them, draw away electrons from the thing that they oxidize. That is what oxidizing is, removing the electrons from the item that is being oxidized. There are 5 oxidizers that can be in the human body and only 5. That’s chlorine dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and chlorine. That’s all. They all attract electrons from other substances which is called oxidation, chlorine does it differently creating new compounds that can also be dangerous. When you remove electrons from a substance it is called “oxidation.” That’s what oxygen does. It keeps you alive by destroying the poisons generated by the function of living, or poisons that come in from outside the body. That is what oxygen does which includes the destruction of pathogens. Of the 4 oxidizers, chlorine dioxide (mms) is by far the weakest oxidizer that will ever be in the human body. It does not damage the body when used in extremely small amounts that is mms.

Sarah Vaughter: 2. Humble claims that by pulling some of the electrons out of their outer shells, that the entire molecule will disintegrate into separate atoms. That is nonsense for many reasons, one of them being the three dimensional electron orbital structure of molecules and hence the need of a lot of electron-pulling in many places simultaneously- impossible to do unless half of the blood serum would be replaced by MMS.

My response: The above #2 is one of the most ridiculous statements yet. I work with chemists to make it simple for all those of us who are not chemists. Sarah is simply making ridiculous statements that are lies. I am sorry to say that because i hate to ever call someone a liar. She simply cannot be that ignorant. I’m sorry about that. Oxygen makes your life possible because it oxidizes poisons, and it does that by attracting electrons from the poisons, thus destroying the poisons. Someone, i don’t care who they are, cannot make a statement such as above, “three dimensional electron orbital structure of molecules” without either knowing nothing about what they say, or simply lying to impress us with knowledge they don’t have. The subject isn’t all that complex for those of us who want to know what is going on. Oxygen destroys through oxidation thus keeping all animals alive. Each oxidizer in the body has a different oxidation voltage which determines what it can oxidize and what it cannot oxidize. In the three-dimensional statement above if what sarah is saying was true, then oxidation could not happen and all animals would die. It makes no sense except to confuse the issue for those of us who are not chemists, and that is obviously what sarah is trying to do. If it wasn’t obvious i’d say so, but it is just completely obvious sarah is deliberately trying to confuse the reader.

Sarah Vaughter: 3. Humble claims that part of the MMS “curing mechanism” involves the creation of free oxygen atoms, and that that free oxygen is totally harmless because “it can not oxidize things but become part of the water or carbon dioxide in the body”.  This is complete nonsense. An oxygen atom will immediately destroy the first random molecule it comes into contact with – whether it be that of a pathogen or that of your body.

My response: Again i do not claim what she claims i claim. I never mention “free oxygen atoms.” I am trying to have my chemists make it easy for us. Oxygen comes into the body with a positive charge so that it attracts electrons which are negative, but once it attracts two electrons that oxygen atom is neutralized. If oxygen atoms were not neutralized you would never have to breath. But they are neutralized and thus you must take your next breath to replace the neutralized oxygen. That neutralized oxygen is breathed back out as we breath. It is called carbon dioxide. Do you get it? Dioxide means 2 atoms of oxygen, di meaning two. The dioxide that is breathed out is simply oxygen that is neutralized and cannot oxidize anything in the body and thus is useless to the body and must be breathed out. So the oxygen which i do not call free oxygen is already neutralized when it comes from being released by the chlorine dioxide and thus it cannot oxidize anything. Again her reference link that she provides proves what i say, not what sarah says.

Sarah Vaughter: 4. Then follows a claim on how oxygen “can’t do damage to the body”, because its oxidation strength is “only 0.95 volts”. This claim is patently false. Oxygen is very harmful – so harmful in fact that breathing pure oxygen for just a few hours will result in permanent brain damage due to central nervous system oxygen toxicity. Every ic ward nurse knows this, and adjusts the supply of supplemental oxygen such that the patient never breathes pure oxygen, or even 50% or 40% oxygen. The devices used are designed in a way that the patient can never breathe pure oxygen, because it would kill in less than a day. Under higher pressures than atmospheric pressure, oxygen can kill in minutes. Every nitrox scuba diver knows that. Even the 21% oxygen in our air damages our cells and  tissues all the time, and our body has to repair that damage all the time. It has even been postulated that the oxygen in the air we breathe is a small contributor to causing lung cancer.

My response: In #4 above it looks like if she is going to call me a liar she would at least get the facts straight. It is chlorine dioxide that has an oxidation potential of 0.95 volts, not oxygen. Oxygen’s oxidation potential is 1.28 volts and for the body this is a huge difference. I am sure from high school chemistry you will remember that all substances are poisonous to the human body in large doses, it can be oxygen, or sugar, or apple juice, or cyanide, or water. There is no proof that oxygen harms the body but we all know that it will definitely kill the body if oxygen is withheld from the body. But why does this make me a liar? So let me rephrase the statement. Oxygen does much more good for the body than harm.

Sarah Vaughter: 5. Humble also says that the Chlorine split off by his carcinogenic concoction is nothing to worry about, because it “turns into harmless table salt by combining with Sodium in the body”. Well, no. There is no free Sodium (Na+) in the body for the Chlorine atom to attach to. Instead, it will severely damage the nearest protein molecule or DNA strand or anything else it touches.

My response: In reference to # 5 above, i hope that all of you know what sodium chloride is. That is table salt. Any time you sprinkle salt on you food and then eat, that salt enters your body and dissolves into sodium and chloride. The dissolving of sodium chloride in water means that sodium becomes separate from the chloride. In other words free sodium and chloride. Without free sodium in your body you would be dead. Are you seeing it yet? Sarah’s knowledge of chemistry is totally lacking and she is saying things that anyone with a high school diploma knows is false.

Sarah Vaughter: 6. Humble claims that there is a big difference between the proteins in bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites and in the proteins in our bodies. He says that MMS kills only the proteins in the pathogens, but not in our bodies. But he is wrong. There is no such fundamental difference. All proteins react the same to free radicals.

My response: In # 6 above, i never ever claimed that the protein in bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites is different than our body. I never mentioned it, but it is pretty much obvious. All of those things die at a temperature of more than 130 degrees f., But the human body which is made of a great deal of protein does not die at 130 degrees, so the protein must be different to some extent. And in fact all those things can be killed with a very short exposure to ultraviolet light, but the human body can take the same amount of ultraviolet light that would kill those bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites for an indefinite time. Prove it to yourself. Go out and stand in the sun for ½ hour. If it doesn’t kill you, you have just proven it as ½ hour in the sunlight gives enough ultraviolet radiation to kill any bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasite.

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