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Transcript of LEAKED VIDEO that Undeniably Proves Red Cross Performed a Successful Field Test Using MMS on Malaria

Transcript of this YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Introduction of leaked video by Jim Humble

Speaker Dialog/Text
Jim Humble: Hi, I’m Jim Humble,

In the late 90s, in the jungle of Guyana, South America, I discovered a cure for Malaria--A disease that now kills about 1.2 million people a year. Since then, I’ve diligently worked to get this discovery, which I call MMS, into the mainstream. It appears there are those who would rather I, and my discovery go away. I won’t bother you with the details. They’re in my books and all over the internet already.

In late 2012, Leo Koehof, one of my associates, along with the Uganda Red Cross, the International Red Cross and the Water Reference Center, came together to perform a test to once and for all determine if MMS really works. Something I and others had proven many times over.

154 malaria victims were treated and easily cured to the SURPRISE of the Red Cross staff. Then, to OUR surprise... the Red Cross dragged their feet for months, refusing to announce the results. Finally, when we pushed the issue, they came out with a public statement saying they strongly dissociate themselves from the claim of a ‘miracle’ solution to defeat malaria. Furthermore, they claim they were never involved in any “clinical trials.” There were 3 different people from around the world who documented the test by video, not including the actual medical documents the Red Cross generated. One was our man Leo, who released his video recently. Then, there was a local Ugandan video guy, and another, I believe, from Holland.

The other day, we were informed that the guy from Uganda had completed a video that unquestionably documents that the test really happened. This video has been sitting on YouTube--unlisted--since January of this year.

I now invite you to watch this revealing video that proves MMS, which is sodium chlorite plus an activator, cures malaria. A video of a test that supposedly never happened! When you’re done watching, I would like to ask you for ONE small favor: Please let your friends and family know about this secret that the Red Cross apparently doesn’t want anyone to know. Just post a link to this video on your Facebook or wherever you wish… and help spread the word.

Thanks for listening... Here’s the video:

Individuals shown in leaked video (in order of appearance):

  • Klaas Proesmans, CEO & Founder, Water Reference Center,
  • Vincent Okonera, URCS (Uganda Red Cross) Senior Branch Manager, Iganga
  • Leo Koehof, MMS Specialist, Author, Videographer
  • Betty, Senior Clinician
  • Hannington Segirinya, Former Uganda Red Cross Youth Council President
  • Paul Kabweru, SMCO Luuka District
  • Hannington Segirinya, Former Uganda Red Cross Youth Council President

Speaker Dialog/Text
Logo: Water Reference Center
Title: “Because we can…”
Klaas Proesmans: Water is a universal fundamental right. It does not belong to the one who makes it. It belongs to the one who needs it.
Klaas Proesmans: We are on our way to Iganga, a village about 3 hours drive east of Campala. We are here the guest of the Ugandan’s Red Cross. And, the aim of the mission is to look at the side effects that a certain way of purifying water has on the blood of certain patients.
Vincent Okonera: The mosquitoes like such a dark and cool places.
Klaas Proesmans: Yeah.
Vincent Okonera: They become habitat. So, at the end all we have so many cases of malaria in this area. So, that’s why you saw that out of every… every 50 cases you test, almost half are malaria positive.
Klaas Proesmans: My name is Klaas Proesmans. I am the CEO and founder of the Water Reference Center; affiliated with the International Federation of Red Crosses and Red Crescents. My career started at the Belgian Special Forces; and as a career with general aviation, which is private jets. Followed by a career as Director of Operations with Virgin Airlines. Now why do I mention this? Because my career was always about getting high results, under a lot of pressure, with very few tools. It’s always been like that with Special Forces. It’s been like that in the airline business. It is like that with humanitarian operations. We came across a number of interesting technologies. Always in the field of water, health, energy. We came across one of those purifying systems that already exists… and it’s probably a little over a hundred years. And it’s a purifying system based upon sodium chlorite. And, the first records of use of this sodium chlorite was actually in Flanders; like maybe 20km from my home town in Ostende. Where we have a spa; and in that spa before the first World War… 1914… 1918, there were able to help people with skin diseases… small infections… always with the use of sodium chlorite. It has been said and written that the use of sodium chlorite cleans the body within one hour to four hours of the malaria parasite. And that was too good to be true, not to go further and do an investigation. Through our network… since we are affiliated with the International Red Cross we contacted a number of national societies where malaria is present. One of them was Uganda. We contacted the National Society Secretary General. We explained what the intentions were. And, we came over here just to look at the field what different steps one need to make in order to do this kind of test… pilot case. We visited the Naitonal Drug Agency; the Ministry of Health; all the people that have something to do with public health and purifying of water. We identified a village… actually it is the National Society who identified a village. We had nothing to do with it. They chose Iganga. It has been chosen by the Red Cross National Society for two reasons. One, because the National Authorities use sodium chlorite as a way to purify water, which is exactly the same way as our Water Reference Center purifies water. Second reason is, because they do have ongoing water and sanitation programs in that area, which is very convenient to the Water Reference Center. Because, what we actually want to do in this month of December is look at the effect that sodium chlorite has on the human body after being offered a glass of water. We started with mobilizing the local population. We had the use, or the cooperation of the National Society. Lots of volunteers went on their bikes, bicycles, cars, motorbikes… whatever you have… all around the streets. The first day of operation we gathered about 163 patients from all the villages around, and we identified only 5 malaria positive people.
[People talking – undecipherable]
Klaas Proesmans: [Talking to someone not on camera] She comes from far away?
Unknown: Yes, comes from far away.
Klaas Proesmans: We do a little blood test. Just a little “boop” prick and then we do a quick strip malaria test.
Klaas Proesmans: The positive ones are being sent to the lab for a thoroughly under the microscope test.
Klaas Proesmans: …and those ones are being offered one glass of purified water. The same way as the national authorities make it. And then we ask them to come back the next day for double check.
Klaas Proesmans: The next day, early in the morning… I think when we arrived at the hospital that we identified… there must have been like 200 fresh new patients already... together with the 5 from the previous day. From the 5 from the previous day, 4 were identified malaria negative. One still had malaria parasites. And that’s probably a personal matter. Because this guy--his name was Isaac—was in such a bad shape, and I said, just give him the half dose. Isaac was giving a full dosage. He came back the next day, being the 17th of December, well enough. Also Isaac was cleared of malaria.
Leo Koehof: We have uh, some test results. And, the most amazing test results are coming from the prisoner… prison here in Lucana. And, so… yesterday we did some blood proofs in the prisoner, and all of them were positive. And, now we did a second blood test, and all them shows negative. So, you can uh, see that’s a very amazing result because, there’s only 24 hours between it.
Vincent Okonera: [Speaking to Leo] So, all of them were positive yesterday?
Betty: Yes
Vincent Okonera: Now, they are negative.
Betty: Now they are negative
Leo Koehof: These are the tests…
Proesmans: Every other day we had uh, around 150 to maybe 200 patients every single day. In total we identified 154 malaria positive patients, together with the local health {authorities} or the doctors. All of them were treated. All of them were, between 24 hours and 48 hours, malaria negative… without any side effects!
Hannington Segirinya: I’m so much impressed by this water. It’s so unbelievable. From, a layman’s view, you may think it’s impossible. But, I… It’s very possible. I’ve seen people healed. Looks like there are results from yesterday and seeing the results of today after taking the water. It’s super impressive
Paul Kabweru: These ones who are positive… and they are on treatment… they are getting better… if we continued with disease exercise helping the needy in this way, we shall decrease malaria. But these ones, now the few who have come and they are positive when we are testing them, for the second time we see that the malaria parasites are decreasing. And some of them they are not detected at all after taking the water. So if we went ahead with disease program I think it would help our district.
Betty: Very many people informed [sic] with malaria, but after giving them the treatment, all of them, they have no parasite of malaria.
Paul Kabweru: We did the water part of it as a treatment. It is ok. Because, it does not need so highly trained personells. Someone who can be just briefed within a few minutes can try to, to, to, to, to measure the chemical.
Vincent Okonera: I’m excited because of the instant results that are happening among all the people that we have so far tested. It is incredible… unbelievable to see that some were tested of malaria positive yesterday… turns up to be negative today, and feels quite extremely better and more happier and healthier. So, to me this is a very good partnership… and I feel that… if there is opportunity to increase this to this communities, it will be so much of great impact and beneficial to us… to the health of these good people.

Unknown Male: [Editing mistake, words repeat soon after] He’s not eating well Unknown Male: She says the kid is feeling very well. But only… He has lost some appetite. He’s not eating well.

Klaas Proesmans: We closed the operation… well enough… we will go back in January, because we need to secure contingency… We closed the operation to report back to the Secretary General here in Uganda Red Cross Society. And, to report back to the Water Resource Center about the results of this field test. Now, all in all… a 100% cured people… less than 5 days… all within 24 hours to 48 hours! That asks for further investigation.
Logo: Water Reference Center
Credits: Production:
Cams & Grips
Camera: Mustaque Abdullah
Edit: Patrick Verstraete
Music: Habib Koité & Bamada

Closing comments by Leo Koehof

Speaker Dialog/Text
Leo Koehof: When I published my video of the Red Cross MMS Malaria Test on Youtube in May 2013, I was totally surprised by the comments I received. The doubters suggested the video was faked and wanted more detailed information. At the same time, the Red Cross distanced itself... and even went so far as to say it never happened. This mis-information was put out by Klaas Proesmans himself, the one who initiated the test in the first place. He even suggested that the people wearing red cross t-shirts just happened to come by to see what was going on, and had nothing to do with the test.

Since December 2012, when the malaria test was conducted, and today, June 29th, 2013, we estimate that over 1 million children have suffered and died from Malaria, based on yearly World Health Organization statistics. That’s about one child dying every minute. It is clear from the statements by the Red Cross staff in the video, they are very happy to have found something that works so well against malaria so they can reduce the suffering in their area.

To date, the Red Cross has done nothing with the results, except, of course... to hide the truth and tell lies. This is equivalent to genocide. I, as the one who showed the Red Cross staff how to use MMS, cannot allow this to quietly continue. I need to remind the Red Cross, and all other humanitarian agencies, of their responsibilities. It is one thing to have fear of losing one’s job. But, when we contrast that to the millions of lives lost each year to malaria, it is time they stop being cowardly and step into the light of truth.

Leo Koehof

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Slide 1: The video released by Leo Koehof in May 2013 can be seen here:
Slide 2: Please go to this web page and download a copy of the original video that was discovered on Youtube:
Slide 3: Doing so will help insure that this vital information cannot be suppressed or censored. Please do your part and share this information with everyone.
Slide 4: For more info... []
Slide 5: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

Red Cross cured 154 cases of Malaria

What is MMS?