Protocol 6 and 6

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Protocol 6 and 6 is something that can be used on its own—separate from all the other protocols. This protocol consists of taking a 6-drop dose of MMS1 and waiting one hour and then taking another 6-drop dose of MMS1. The purpose of this protocol is to handle many acute things that seem to pop up from time to time such as colds coming on, headaches, fevers, a touch of food poisoning, or any kind of sickness that seems to be just starting, or immediately after being exposed to a bad disease, or germs. It also has been proven successful with chronic pains, even those that have persisted for many months or years. It should be used immediately after any kind of an accident, the sooner the better even at the scene of the accident. Protocol 6 and 6 has proven successful in a wide range of situations, therefore we suggest you keep some MMS and acid activator handy at all times, so you can mix up an MMS1 dose whenever needed.

Instructions for Protocol 6 and 6

Step 1

• Prepare a 6-drop dose of MMS1. This is 6 drops of MMS (sodium chlorite 22.4% in distilled water) and 6 drops of 4%HCl, or of 50% citric acid. Swirl the drops around and count 30 seconds. (Be sure the drops turn amber color.)

• Add 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) of water. • Drink down the 6-drop dose.

Step 2

• In one hour prepare another 6-drop dose and drink it down. • The following hour, after taking your second 6-drop dose, if you are feeling OK, then that’s it.

Step 3

• If you are not feeling OK by the end of the second hour, it is time to get started on Protocol 1000, however, begin with the Starting Procedure. From the time you took your last 6-drop dose (of Protocol 6 and 6), start with 1/4 drop doses each hour for the rest of the day. The next day go right into the second day of the Starting Procedure which is 1/2 drop doses every hour for 8 hours, then go on to complete days three and four of the Starting Procedure. When finished with the Starting Procedure, proceed from there on into Protocol 1000. See for the details of the Starting Procedure.