How to make CDH - Chlorine Dioxide Holding Solution

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How to make CDH

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Equipment and Sacraments needed:

  • 1 liter glass bottle with water tight seal plastic cap.
  • 500 ml/cc of Distilled water.
  • 25 ml/cc of MMS
  • 25 ml/cc of HCL 5%


1. Pour 500 ml/cc of the distilled water into the 1 liter glass bottle.

2. Add 25 ml/cc of MMS to the distilled water.

3. Add 25 ml/cc of HCL 5% to the distilled water and MMS mixture.

4. Tighten your cap on the bottle as much as possible and gently tip it back and forth to mix the MMS and Activator completely.

5. Place in dark cabinet for at least 12 hours.

6. Once the CDH is ready you should store in the refrigerator to preserve for a longer period of time.

Conclusion: You now have 550 ml/cc of CDH at 3000 ppm.