Douche Procotol

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Douche Protocol

MMS1: The number of drops of Cleansing Water (MMS1) depends on what you can take orally. If you take ten drops every hour, that same amount is what needs to be activated and added to the water in the douche bag. This is an excellent method of getting Cleansing Water into your system as well as for treating a specific area. On the second douche and later you may increase the number of Cleansing Water drops if you feel that it is needed.

CDS/CDH: Since CDS does not contain the MMS nor the Citric acid, we have been able to do much higher doses than with the MMS1 - this leads to quicker health being restored.

Of course we want to start out low, so we will have to acquire a 500 cc douche bag or even better yet, a 1 liter bag. Let’s say we have a 1 liter bag, start out by adding 5 cc/ml to the 1 liter bag. If you have had no adverse reactions, then increase the amount of cc’s of CDS for the next douche. The next time, add 10 cc/ml to the douche bag, and keep increasing as long as your body can handle it. If you are using the 500cc bag, then do halves of the amount of the 1 liter bag.

The best time to do the douches is right before you lay down to go to bed. This way it will be better absorbed in the body. We have had ladies do douches with up to 40 to 50 cc/ml of CDS in the 1 liter bag, and had great results. But they slowly increased their doses to get to that amount of CDS per douche. For treatments, once to twice a day should be fine. It all depends on how your body reacts, but for a maintenance cleanse, once a week should be enough.

Castor Oil: You may use a tampon and saturate it with Castor oil. Insert into the vagina and leave for up to 2 hours. Possibly do a douche after to rinse.