Dengue Protocol

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Dengue Protocol

Give two 6 drop doses one hour apart and then continue with 3 drop doses each hour until well. If the first 6 drop dose creates nausea do not use a second 6 drop dose, but rather reduce to 3 drops for the second dose. If the second dose creates nausea reduce to 1 drop an hour. If nausea continues reduce to 1/2 drop and hour. If nausea continues that was not present before the application of MMS, stop MMS until the nausea that is being caused by the MMS is gone. Then resume with 1 drop an hour, and increase to 2 drops the next hour and continue with 2 drops an hour for several hours and then finally 3 drops an hour. Do not go over 3 drops an hour until the dengue subsides. Continue at 3 drops an hour until the dengue is gone, but only if the MMS is not causing nausea. Keep in mind—do not cause nausea, but if the MMS does cause nausea, reduce the number of drops, but if the nausea is present before you give drops go ahead and give the drops.

The point is that dengue is caused by a virus and it takes continued presence for several hours of chlorine dioxide to kill viruses. Malaria parasites, on the other hand, are killed by a large shock (which is the 18 drop dose.)

On rare occasions when the dengue causes bleeding, do not stop the protocol— continue giving MMS as indicated above.

Note: We have testimonies of people having their “health restored” from Dengue fever by taking ½ capsule of MMS2 every two hours for 5-6 times a day. Within 1-3 days the Dengue fever was gone!