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Clara's 6 and 6 Protocol

The protocol

6 drops of activcated MMS, every hour, only two times per day.

Step No. 1. Put 6 drops of MMS (Sodium chlorite 28%) in a glass and add 6 drops of activator; Citric acid 50% or HCl (Hydrochloric acid) 4%. Shake the glass so that the acid and MMS are mixed and wait 20 to 30 seconds. A little longer is OK in case you walked away and forgot. 10 or 15 minutes would be OK as the solution remains at about the same strength. This solution is what we would call 6 drops of activated MMS. Then add about 1/2 glass of water to the solution and drink. You can also use a juice that does not have added vitamin C. Use apple juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, or cranberry juice.

Step No. 2. Wait one hour and do exactly the same thing as in step No. 1. Normally the person will experience some relief within two hours of taking the first dose especially if he goes ahead and takes the second dose. Of course, here is no guarantee.

After the second dose is over, you could wait one hour and then continue on with the Protocol 1000, which is only 3 drops of activated MMS, every hour, usually 8 times per day.

Can be used for

Most conditions, such as flu, colds, pheumonia, physical pains either immediate or chronic, and most other home sicknesses.

Background from 2007

I've named this new protocol Clara's because she was the first to really apply it consistently. You may have read the last chapter in the second edition of the book The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Centuryfor sale on this Web Site ( You will recall that there were a number of success stories about Clara treating people in her home. Since then I have rented an office from Clara and her mother and I have seen quite a few more people come in.

Last night 12/14/07 a lady about 65 years old and her husband arrived to buy some MMS and Clara always gives them a 6 drop dose, has them wait one hour, and then she has them mix the next dose to make sure that they have it right. Then she has them wait a few minutes up to an hour before they leave.

Both the right hand and the right foot of the lady that came in last night was completely paralyzed. She came in with a walker but she could not hold on to the walker so her husband had to hold her to the walker. It was a chore getting in the door. Clara gave her a 6 drop dose with 30 drops of citric acid as the activator, she waited the 3 minutes as always and then added 1/2 glass of water and handed it to the lady. The lady lifted the glass with with some difficultly to her mouth with her left hand as her sciatica (lower back pain) was also paining her.

Within 40 minutes she was starting to feel a reduction of pain in her back and some tingling in her hand. At 60 minutes she could slightly move several fingers. Clara handed her another 6 drop identical drink. As we waited for the second hour to pass, Clara called me in from the office. The lady was exercising her hand. She had complete mobility in her hand and she had her shoe off and was exercising her toes. In fact she was exercising her entire foot and she could move her toes and other muscles better than most people I know.

When she left, she was still using the walker, but her husband didn't have to help her and her lower back pain was gone. I could see that she would be walking without that walker in a few days. This is not unusual. It happens around here all the time.

So this is "Clara's 6 and 6 protocol" for MMS. It is simple. It's for most conditions, such as flu, colds, pheumonia, physical pains either immediate or chronic, and most other home sicknesses.

Official Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocol

The protocol above is an official Sacramental Protocol of Genesis II Church of Health & Healing for use with its Church Sacraments.

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